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What is

This service was established to help Scottish businesses find the public sector support they need.

Information is available for businesses of all sizes – from those thinking about starting a business to large, well established companies.

This website is supported by an enquiries and referral service. You can contact us by submitting an enquiry or calling 0300 303 0660. Our lines are open from 8.30am to 5.30pm, Monday to Friday. Landline calls cost up to 10 pence per minute, mobile costs can vary from 3 pence per minute to 40 pence per minute depending on your operating provider (source:

Why was this website created?

This site intends to help Scottish businesses find the right information, advice and support at the right time.

We will continue to add information and develop and the referral service. We aim to provide all businesses with quick and easy access to all business support services provided by public sector organisations in Scotland.

Who runs

This is a partnership service. It started as a collaboration between Business Gateway, Highlands and Islands Enterprise, Scottish Enterprise and Skills Development Scotland. We will eventually include all organisations who receive public funding in Scotland.


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