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Agency name: ScotlandIS

ScotlandIS is the membership and cluster management organisation for Scotland’s digital

technologies industry. We’re at the heart of Scotland’s digital economy, shaping, changing, and driving it forward.

We work with members and partners to support the wider digital transformation of business and society. Digital technologies underpin modern business and is critical to Scotland’s economic success. The digital technologies industry in Scotland employs over 70,000 people, offering a wide range of skills and professional services from niche specialised companies to global players.

ScotlandIS works closely with Scottish Government, Highlands and Islands Enterprise, Scottish Enterprise, and Skills Development Scotland to underline the importance of the digital technologies industry to the Scottish economy.

ScotlandIS has been the driving force behind the development of the ICT and Digital Technologies Skills Investment Plan, published by SDS and now in the early stage of delivery. This aims to reinforce and improve all aspects of the skills pipeline, from the school’s curriculum to workplace skills development.

ScotlandIS has a strong network within the digital tech community, providing a great platform to foster collaboration and development. We highlight contracts and funding calls to our members, help to promote their work to the wider community, and help to represent their interests and the interests of the sector as a whole.

  • ScotlandIS members employ about 60,000 people
  • ScotlandIS members contribute about £4.7bn to Scotland’s GVA
  • 6,500 people attended ScotlandIS events in 2019
  • Scotland’s digital tech sector contributes about £7.5bn to Scotland’s GVA
  • 13,000 digital tech job opportunities are created every year in Scotland, filling all of them would add £1bn to Scotland’s GVA
  • Scotland has 3,900 digital technologies companies
  • Scotland’s digital tech sector grows 1.5 times faster than overall economy
  • We are the 4th strongest export sector in Scotland, exporting more than £3.3bn
  • 100,000 people work in digital technologies roles across the Scottish economy
  • Average annual salary of digital tech workers: £36,900 = 26% higher than average salary of all workers in Scotland


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