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Agency/organisation: Skills Development Scotland

Support programme name: Creative Game Changers developed and delivered by The Future Economy Company

Purpose: Creative Game changers programme is open to creative businesses and sole trader/freelancers who have plans for recovery, potential to grow trading income, to create jobs and can demonstrate multiple impacts, across social, creative, environmental & economic measures. Given the make-up of creative businesses digital skills, capabilities and opportunities will be a core thread running throughout the full programme.

What it offers: The support offered, can enable the participants to pivot to reconnect with previous and new markets, reset supply chains locally and have the ability to create new jobs or enhance skillsets to better retain and sustain portfolio working in Scotland and beyond. It includes digital innovation and thought leadership together to support the selected businesses to flourish.

Who is it targeted at: creative businesses & sole trader/freelancers who have potential to grow and create impact.

Are there any specific exclusions: Businesses/sole traders etc must be based and or registered in Scotland

Is there a closing date: Information session 20th April 6pm – 7pm

Closing date: TBC

Link for further details: SDS are currently only offering a short expression of interest form here Please complete this form by 5pm on 28th of April to receive a notification when full applications open.


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